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Methodworks newest upgrade for the UV4000 UV Disinfection system is a complete software and hardware upgrade that really takes control of your UV4000.


    "We contracted with Methodworks to upgrade our stand alone Trojan UV 4000 2 bank unit that was initially installed in 2000 here at the Devens Waste Water facility located in Shirley Ma.  The retrofit consisted of replacing both bank controller and HMI screen while keeping the system operating during the upgrade.  The technician, Luke Anderson, flew in and worked on site for approximately 7days building and installing the upgrade.  His knowledge of our current system and how to integrate the new system was exceptional.  Upon completion we now have a state of the art control system and HMI that was designed around our unique application and is now extremely user friendly.  This system was also integrated into our facilities existing SCADA system allowing us more operational flexibility. All in all this was one of the best and smoothest upgrades we have had at this facility to date! Excellent rating!"

- Shawn Meunier, City of Devens, MA WWTF

Methodworks original software upgrade was installed at the City of Boise Lander Street facility in April 2005 and was a huge success.  Operators were capable of monitoring their complete system from a single window.  But most importantly, power consumption was decreased and system troubleshooting was made easier.     

    Since then we have developed our latest upgrade which is an improvement of our existing software and a complete control hardware upgrade for the UV4000.  This upgrade was developed because of hardware limitations with the existing equipment and the high cost of troubleshooting and replacement of OEM parts.
 Methodworks’ new UV4000 system upgrade will not only simplify the control system hardware but it also reduces troubleshooting time and improves your systems reliability and ease of maintenance.

    Here's how it works; all of the module boards, main boards and PLC or Type-M controllers are removed.  We then install our newly designed module board into each module.  The new module boards communicate directly with a new Process Automation Controller that is installed into each bank.  We also provide a new main control panel with a new HMI and networking equipment that allows for a completely automated system with the ability for us to provide remote software updates and support should it be required.

With our newest upgrade you will gain improved features upon our original upgrade, like:
  • Individual lamp control – This means you can replace a single lamp or ballast and have it run at the power setting that matches the required dose.
  • Improved ballast, lamp status and failure reporting.
  • Module internal temperature indication with a high temperature alarm
  • Easier SCADA system integration. We provide a compliant OPC server and data map to make it easier for you to integrate what you want into your existing SCADA system.
  • An improved HMI for system monitoring – Everything you need to know about your UV4000 system is right at your finger tips.

    Don’t wait any longer.   Upgrade your UV4000 with the software and control hardware that is going to give you a new found confidence in your UV disinfection system and most importantly, save you money in operational and maintenance costs.
    For more information or to schedule a consultation, please email us at sales@methodworks.net or call 208.602.0168

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