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    Operators have been asking for an easier way to manage the Trojan UV3000 unit.  Now there is a more efficient way to monitor and control your UV3000 disinfection system.  Take the guess work out of operating and get a new found confidence in your UV3000 disinfection system with this UV3000 upgrade.  Our upgrade ultimately maximizes the functionality that it was intended to have.

System Overview...
    Quickly see all of the important information that relates to the performance of your UV3000 disinfection system.

System Hardware...
    For the most part this is a good design for a UV disinfection unit. However, the hardware limits the use and control of each module and ultraviolet lamp. With our hardware upgrade you won't be limited to what Trojan says it can do. Our hardware will give control over which bank you want on or off, and which bulbs you want on or off.

Better hardware at a fraction of the price...
    The hardware that is used is durable and will last longer than Trojan parts. If you do need to replace a part it will be at a fraction of the price that Trojan charges.

Touch screen for easy control and monitoring...
    Have the same functionality and view whether you’re in the control room or standing right in front of your UV3000. You will be able to better see what your UV3000 is doing with this touch screen.

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