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    Methodworks is an Automation and Information Systems Integration firm that specializes in creating solutions for the water and wastewater industries. We offer systems engineering, design consultation, system development, start up and training.   Methodworks develops integrated plant floor to business level solutions from the ground up, or can help you with upgrades to existing control, SCADA and business systems.

    Methodworks has over twelve years of experience working with industrial automation, instrumentation and control systems, with the last eight years being dedicated solely to the water and wastewater treatment industries.  Because of this industrial focus, we have a better understanding of your needs and therefore provide the high quality products and services that are best suited for your types of applications.  Our industry focus has facilitated implementation of innovative ideas that enable Operators, Engineers and Managers to run their facilities more efficiently.

PLC Programming
We have a wide range of experience with all types of Programmable Logic Controllers including Modicon, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, OPTO 22 and SCADAPack just to name a few.

Human-Machine Interface
Methodworks designs all kinds graphical interface systems ranging from simple equipment specific touch screens to feature robust SCADA Systems using products like ClearSCADA and Wonderware. Methodworks is a SCADAPartner with Control Microsystems for the ClearSCADA product.

Onsite Startup, Commissioning and Testing
Methodworks installs, commissions, and provides 1 year of warranty support on all software and hardware systems we deliver. This includes point-to-point and loop checks, control hardware configuration, network configuration, operational readiness testing, process startup and follow-up support.

Engineering Audits and Specifications
Our tried and true method to system integration is to work with the client at the start of the project to create a Control System Description (CSD). This document includes such information as: process descriptions, sequence of operations, code block diagrams and a project data base. All of these parts are necessary to ensure a successful and easy startup.

Custom Database and Software
Methodworks has completed a number of projects where our client has required specialty hardware and software to accomplish their goals. We are well versed in tools like Visual Basic, SQL, Access and technologies that allow us to proficiently build custom solutions for nearly any application.

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