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Lamp Refurbishing Program

Save the environment.  Save money!

NOTE: Trojan pricing was averaged based on client response.  Your pricing may vary.




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We are working hard to support our Trojan UV4000 clients with high quality and low priced products and services so they can more economically operate their UV disinfection system.  We have implemented a UV lamp replacement program for UV4000 systems.  Here's how it works:

1.      Account Setup:  You can start setting up an account with us by submitting the form below.  We will get back in touch with you to get shipping and billing information. When you are ready to place an order, you can call us or submit a request via email.   You just need to let us know how many old lamps you will be sending in for recycling and how many you need in replacement. 
2.      Recycle:  There is a small amount of mercury inside each lamp, which is a hazardous material that needs to be disposed of properly.  We want to make sure lamps are being recycled, so we need at least as many used lamps from you as you would like back.  We will send you a UPS shipping label with our account information on it, so shipping charges are billed to us. 
3.      New Lamps:  We refurbish the mechanical assembly and install a brand new UV lamp designed and built specifically for Methodworks to run on the UV4000 Nedap ballasts you already have in your system.  Then we box up a batch of new lamp assemblies and ship them back to your facility. 

We offer a 5000 hour limited warranty so you can be sure your getting a quality product.  Depending on the quantity of lamp assemblies you order, you can save up to 25% or more of what you’re paying now!  Like our ballast repairs, we offer flat rate pricing for UV4000 re-built lamp assemblies which includes shipping and recycling charges. 

 If you would like a price quote or would like more more information, you can contact us at 208.602.0168 or fill out the request form below.

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