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    Methodworks has been in the water and wastewater industry for over 10 years.  In that time, we have created many innovative solutions for municipalities to improve their water and wastewater processes.

Announcing New Products And Services!

Methodworks newest upgrade for the UV4000 UV Disinfection system is a complete software and hardware upgrade that really takes control of your UV4000.


                Our long awaited control hardware upgrade is now available!  We have enhanced our software upgrade and added new control hardware to really take control of the UV4000 UV Disinfection System.  Follow this link to learn more about this new upgrade.

Methodworks UV4000 Lamp Sleeves

     We have added aftermarket lamp sleeves to our product line!  Take a look and save big money when replacing lamp sleeves.

Wiper Seals Are Here!

     We have been working hard to meet everyone's need for an aftermarket wiper seal that performs better than OEM.  Our new design has a number of improvements; namely we have increased the lip size to prevent the spring from releasing and damaging the quartz sleeve.  Our wiper seal kit which will be 4 new wiper seals is available now, take a look here.

Trojan UV4000 Ballast, Communication and Module Board Repair Service

    Do you have a stack of damaged Nedap ballasts or comm boards?  We are now repairing UV4000 Nedap ballasts and OES972 Communication Boards and the OES973 Module Boards for a fraction of the cost of new.  Our service includes post-repair testing and a one year warranty.  Click here to see details.

Attention Trojan Owners and Operators!

    If you are an owner or operator of a Trojan UV4000 UV disinfection unit, we have some news for you.  Methodworks has developed a software upgrade to improve the control system and user interface for these units.  Find out how this upgrade can improve performance and reduce the operational costs of your Trojan UV4000 unit.

Click here to read more about the Trojan UV4000 Upgrade.


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